Saturday, June 30, 2012

Team Kilt - TO THE MAX

'Ello, everybody who manages to somehow stumble upon this unknown book blog.



Or more specifically, Zachary Moore from the Shade trilogy by Jeri Smith-Ready.

As you may already know, the YA Sisterhood has chosen advocates for all the guys competing in the Crush Tourney, and Zachary's advocates (yes, plural), are Amy and Jen at Fictitious Delicious.

And I will resume my celebration by stuffing my self with Nutella. And probably gaining five pounds in the process.


Grace, victim of addiction to des livres.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Lust for Stories - Crush Tourney Nominations

To everyone out there, I'm hoping that at least some of you have heard of the Crush Tourney hosted by the YA Sisterhood. They're having their second annual Tourney again this year and the nominations are just beginning here, right now:
For those of you that haven't checked it out yet, GO.

Well as for me, here are my nominations (beware of spoilers):

Four - Divergent

Four's just Tris' super strict instructor that pushes her to her absolute limit but is still an awfully sweet guy.

Noah - The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

Noah's that terribly BAD, BAD guy that your parents probably don't want you to date, but still manages to charm everyone's pants off with that annoying way of his.

Alex - Delirium

Alex. He's absolutely perfect. In modern day life, he'd be that guy that holds open the car door for you and pays the check for the dinner. *MAJOR SPOILER ALERT* In the end, he literally gives up everything for Lena, including his life.

Zachary - Shade trilogy

He's a guy that could pull off a kilt, has an AMAZING Scottish accent, plus an awesome superpower that goes along with that of his female counterpart, Aura? What's not to like?

Adam - Shatter Me

Again, he's sweet, he's cute, and someone to not forget, literally.

Aiden - Covenant

Aiden and Alex are the epitome of starcrossed lovers, minus lovers, yet he pretty much gives her his all and expects nothing back. [wipes away tear]

Tod - Soul Screamers

To be honest, Tod kind of got friendzoned by Kaylee in the beginning but he's too much boyfriend material to be kept in there. c:

Peregrine - Under the Never Sky

If he can make a chick who grew up in a totally different environment than he did fall in love with him, he can do that to ANYONE.

Adam - If I Stay/Where She Went

He plays a guitar. And sings like an angel. Need I say more?

Jack - Everneath

To me, Jack at first seemed distant, but as the book went on, he seemed more and more like a character you wish was real and just utterly perfect.

Still here? Well, if you haven't went and checked out the Crush Tourney, please do. [insert puppyface] Please?
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