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Review: Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday

Title: Deadly Cool
Author: Gemma Halliday
Series: Deadly Cool #1
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: October 11, 2011
ISBN13: 9780062003317
Format: paperback
Genre: YA, urban fiction, contemporary, mystery
Source: borrowed from library

Rating: 8.5/10

First I find out my boyfriend is cheating on me.

Then He's pegged as the #1 suspect in a murder.

And now he's depending on me to clear his name.


As much as I wouldn't mind watching him squirm, I know that he's innocent. So I'm brushing off my previously untapped detective skills and getting down to business. But I keep tripping over dead bodies and I'm still no closer to figuring out who did it. And what's worse: all signs seem to point to me as the killer's next victim.

I really need to pick a better boyfriend next time.

My thoughts:
For this review, I'm going to turn up a bit of my gushing girlishness for a while.

Deadly Cool is adorable. Period. It's a truly witty murder mystery-ish kind of story. The characters, despite being somewhat eccentric, are absolutely lovable. The story had just enough thrill to balance out Hartley's musings on guys.

To be honest, I took a while to get around to the book mainly because of the cover. It's gorgeous, but I didn't read the synopsis anywhere so I genuinely thought it'd be a paranormal book about vampires, something I am currently trying to not read as much. Since I didn't see the title font too clearly, I didn't know that the word "Cool" was composed of wires connecting to the earbuds, oddly fitting as the murder was committed with them.

Okie, first the characters. Hartley is just so, so cute in a really mouthy way! I mean, she's too cute for words. Mistress of Sarcasm, terrible liar, and just an all around good person. She seems amazing captured as a fictional high school student. Key word: fictional. Her running mental monologue always cracks me up, and is just so unbelievable that you'd just automatically love her character.

And there's Chase. He's actually not all that much of a Goth as you'd imagine, just a regular high school guy who has a taste in black clothing, likes death metal, and is a crazy driver. He's the Master to Hartley's Mistress of Sarcasm, and, I think, is super sweet on Hartley. (No surprise there.) I mean, he got super worried about her midnight meeting with Deep Blogger at the football field that he actually went there, too, just to make sure she was safe. That already gives him full marks in my book. Bonus points for being hot. If you've read it, you'll know. (Hint: bedroom evidence gathering scene. [Wiggles eyebrows])

The secondary characters aren't too shabby either. (Massive understatement there.) Sam seemed like the best biffle (BFF) ever, following you into legal and not-so-legal outings. I love her creativity in censoring. And she's just cool. Josh, while he's a genuinely innocent guy caught up in a murder, went around tasting the buffet (read: cheated) with another girl just because Hartley wouldn't do The Big Deed. The cheating part I could get over, but not the part where he did it because he wasn't getting any. Tsk tsk tsk, no second chances for you buddy.

Overall, I love this kind of story. No matter what kind of terrible thing happens, you still know the outcome would turn out great and the protagonist would come out of the turmoil intact. My favourite stuff will always be the kind that are intense and has a somewhat unresolved ending, it's still nice to read a cheerful - well, not really because of the murders - story once in a while.

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