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Guest Post: Top Five Time Travel Books by Michelle Madow

Today I'm featuring the amazing author of the Transcend Time Saga on my blog, Michelle Madow! She'll be talking about her top five time travel books of all time! 

I’m so excited to talk about my top five time travel books today, because I absolutely LOVE time travel! I love seeing different ways authors make time travel happen, and seeing how the past relates to the present (or future!) Plus, this top five list is special to me since Timeless has time travel in it, too :)

1) Tempest by Julie Cross
Tempest had me turning the pages wanting more! Julie Cross created a new version of time travel, and I loved it! She brings alternate time lines into the mix, which adds a cool spin on things. It also made me think and theorize. The ending was heartbreaking, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the rest of the series.

2) TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow
This series takes a science-fiction approach to time travel. In the future, a scientist invented a way to time travel. But time travel is illegal because of the negative impact it has on the world. A group of three kids with special talents are recruited into an agency, where they act as “time cops” to set the world right when unauthorized people mess with history. Every book in the series is so well researched that you feel like you’re back in the time period you’re reading about! My favorite book in the series so far has been the second one where they go back to the time of the dinosaurs—I was kept on my toes the whole time wondering what would happen next. This series is a must read for time travel enthusiasts!

3) Waterfall (River of Time series) by Lisa T. Bergren
This series was such a fun read! Two sisters are on an archeological dig with their parents when they stumble into a cave that ends up leading them back to fourteenth century Italy. It’s well researched, and I loved learning about the time period. Also, there’s a great love story, and a lovely message about the importance of sticking by your family.

4) A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux
I read this book in middle school, and remember being positively enchanted! I loved how the protagonist had a suitcase full of modern day items that traveled with her to the middle ages. It’s not fresh in my mind since I read it years ago, so I don’t know what current day me would think if I read it again, but I have fond memories of this book.

5) Timeless Love by Judith O'Brien
First thing you should know about this book—it’s a little bit corny. BUT besides that, it was a sweet read and I liked how the main character travels back to Tudor England and discovers that King Edward IV died of allergies and saved his life! It was interesting seeing the author’s take on how different the modern world would be if King Edward IV had lived. It was published before the “YA Boom of the mid-2000’s” though, so it definitely reads more like a “kids book” than YA books do today.

Bonus: My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century by Rachel Harris
I just started reading this book last night and am only 18% through it, so I can’t officially put it in this list until I’m finished reading it. I’m enjoying it immensely, and can tell it will fast become one of my favorite time travel books!

Thank you, Grace, for having me on Lust for Stories!

Michelle Madow was inspired to write Remembrance after seeing Taylor Swift's "Love Story" music video while a junior at Rollins College in Winter Park, FL. The song and video gave her the story idea about a high school girl reincarnated from Regency Era, England. She handed in the first chapter as a homework assignment for class, and when her teacher and classmates wanted her to continue writing, she decided to go for it. By the end of the school year, her first novel was completed!

For more information on Michelle and her books, visit

Michelle lives in Florida, where she is hard at work writing more novels for young adults.
The final part of the Transcend Time Series, Timeless, comes out on November 20, 2012. Be sure to read the first two parts, Remembrance and Vengeance, first!

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