Friday, September 21, 2012

On My Mind (1): New Adult, and Amazing writers, their deadlines, and sucky books

To my dear readers, you probably have absolutely no idea what on earth On My Mind is. In fact, I myself am not 100% sure yet, but I definitely hope that it's something that I can work out.

Memes, who doesn't love them? I know in a previous post I mentioned myself not doing memes for the meantime because they take up the bulk of my blog posts, and a ton of time. I'm not used to them. At that point, I had somewhere around six weekly meme posts as opposed to my once-a-week reviews. So I decided to stop and focus on my schoolwork and reviewing, which I'm not doing very consistently but hope to do more often.

Now I have a new idea.

On My Mind has no schedule. I just spill all my thoughts on books, the world of publishing, and other bookish things no matter what time I want. My thoughts may not have a particular point, or be particularly organized, but they're a word puke of what's in my head. They do not have to be in depth, just something that occurred to you while you were reading, walking along, or skydiving. That way I wouldn't be pressured to churn out a post on time, and wouldn't sit there with my mind full of thoughts wanting to burst. If you want to link your own post to here, you're more than welcome to do so. Just stick it in the comments area.

I'll try my best to get a meme button up as soon as I possibly can.

I don't think I've found a meme exactly like this on the net, but if there is, to the creators of the meme: I didn't copy the meme, and I wish no animosity between us. It was an idea directly from my mind.

Now for my post.

New Adult - A new genre, and my thoughts on it as of the moment

New Adult books has been taking the publishing world by storm lately. Some that I've heard of are Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and Slammed by Colleen Hoover. It's a new genre of books aimed towards those around eighteen and into their twenties. If I were to describe it, I'd say they're for people who're technically adults but not really fully, mentally adults. So far from what I've seen, they're mostly contemporary, with a bit of adult content but with the spirit and mentality of a teenager. I haven't read any, but I do want to check them out sometime.

Authors, crazy deadlines, and books that just don't do the writer justice

Some authors are just fantastic. Others are alright. Some are meh. But they're all writers, and put whatever they've got in front of us. We like it, point for them. We don't, then they'll find someone else that'd like it and market it to them. Unfortunately, I find that sometimes some authors have this crazy deadline, and a new book out every few months. I go to the library, find the book, and be sorely disappointed because I loved that writer's first few books and had high hopes for this one. And I wait for another book, hoping it'd get better. And the cycle continues until I decide to entirely give up. Some authors I've read have a release schedule like that and are fantastic, but other times that deadline I personally find very fair. The author can't portray his or her talent properly, and a reader doesn't get the best product.

And thus I conclude my first On My Mind.
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