Wednesday, September 05, 2012

School's starting - What's going to happen from September onwards

Yay school. Who's excited? Definitely not the better half of the teenage population.

As you know, I was gone for a while before this because of a private matter that I am not at the liberty to disclose and only posted one post in who knows how long. Only one. That's definitely not good for my track record. As a beginner blogger, shouldn't I be putting more effort into blogging, in order to earn my place in the blogging community?

Yes, I probably should. Except lately I've felt like blogging was more like just a chore, not something I love doing at all times. I genuinely love just writing posts about posts, but I've decided that I should cut back on one thing that gets me a ton of traffic. Memes. Don't get me wrong, I love the traffic, but right now I have more meme posts on the blog than reviews. Some of them just say things that you can find on Goodreads, meaning I didn't put my brain into it. Doing so many memes at the same time is taking up a lot of my time, and I feel pressured to churn them out as fast as I can, instead of writing book reviews.

So what's really gonna happen?

Well, since school's starting, I won't be able to uphold my commitment to weekly memes anymore, so instead of having a ton of my meme-ish posts to read, you might just get one or two in a while. At the same time, I'll focus on reviewing more books, because that's what I want the bulk of my blog to have. I can't make any promises for anything. I may get a few book reviews in a week, or have a review pop up once every two weeks or so. Doing less meme posts would definitely leave me more time, but school's another matter, so I'll just have to go with the flow.

Right now, the only one thing I can say I'm absolutely sure of is that I'll continue blogging. My sisters read, but I don't share with them my tastes, so reaching out to readers, whether you're a subscriber or strictly anonymous, no matter where you are, or the books that you read, is a perfect way to share with an audience that'd just stopping by to hear someone's take on a book. To my readers, you keep me going, and thank you.

Thank you so much for wanting to leave a comment! I read every single one of them, and respond to most of them!

I'm honoured that anyone would want to nominate me for an award, but I just don't have time for that anymore. This blog is award and tag free.