Thursday, October 25, 2012

Haunted Week 2012: Bats in Your Book Pages

{This Girl Reads}

Haunted Week 2012 is an event hosted by Cheyenne at This Girl Reads spanning the week of Halloween with daily punny posts from yours truly, moi. Links to all of my posts can be found on this post: Introduction: Haunted Week 2012.

{This Girl Reads}

Is there something that just gets on your nerves in your books? Today, I tell you some of my biggest book pet peeves that I find. Do note that there are always exceptions to every bat in my book pages.

And yes, I have hand-drawn images. And yes, you may laugh your heads off at my poor attempt at art.

1) The always cringe-worthy insta-love
*Shudders* Do you know how the girl in the story sounds perfectly normal and suddenly she sees her male counterpart and BOOM! She turns into a sopping puddle of hormones. And they end up dating each other. And, surprise, surprise, they love each other. Puh-leez. I like my characters to have a reason of liking each other. An exception would be The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith.

2) Sweet chick + irritating jerk = <3
Often a cliché in many YA books. A perfectly innocent girl falls head over heels with a typical bad-boy. Who turns out to be an ass. Girl, you can do a heck of a lot better. It's pretty obvious that he's a douche, so why are you with him? Oh, he's hot? That's it? *sigh* In real life, the bad-boy does not change.

3) The low self-esteem
Sometimes, female protagonists don't realize how amazing of role models they represent to us readers. So why be so . . . down? Do you need a pep talk. Yep, you probably do. So here I go. No, you do not look average. You are a freaking knockout. Stop thinking that you're not good enough. You are an amazing person. Show that GIRL POWER and knock them dead. Yes, you absolutely can.

4) Happy hands
A term I coined off of Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I absolutely can't stand it when a protagonist is too focused on her love interest in a story, especially if I was expecting something action/adventure-based. And because the two are so focused on each other, one thing leads to another . . . resulting in some hot-'n'-heavy scenes that just take up too many of a book's pages. I mean, let's actually get something done here instead of watching you two profess your love for each other.

5) Drama. Annoying drama.
Don't get me wrong, I love drama. I love it when there's tension between characters, and within the characters, but when they start getting gossipy and petty? Uh, no. Unless it's a book based around such scandals, such as Gossip Girl and Vixen, that doesn't work for me.

And just because I suck at following rules and suddenly came up with another pet peeve of mine, I just have to put one more down. Just for the heck of it.

6) Deja-vu
Sometimes books just get so darn repetitive! In romance, receptivity usually looks something like: the protagonist constantly saying "He's so hot . . . " or running hot and cold all the time. As for action books, a lot of the times it's just run away, have close call with antagonist, nearly die, heal, run away, have close call with antagonist, nearly die, heal, run away . . . You get my gist. Or just books as a whole in general. Sometimes the storylines and big ideas inside are so . . . similar. Even if the authors are different. That doesn't work for me.

Is there something that just ticks you off about books? Tell me in my comments section!

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