Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Haunted Week 2012: Ghosts of Books Half-Read

{This Girl Reads}

Haunted Week 2012 is an event hosted by Cheyenne at This Girl Reads spanning the week of Halloween with daily punny posts from yours truly, moi. Links to all of my posts can be found on this post: Introduction: Haunted Week 2012.

{This Girl Reads}

Of course, not everyone can finish every single book they read. And suppose that books all have spirits, or rather, ghosts within each and every one of them - and the half-read ones would return to haunt you. *Shivers* Here I have some books that I wasn't able to finish. *Looks behind shoulder to see if there's a book-ghost behind me*

Warning: I start swearing in this post. Like. Yes. Swearing. So beware of cuss words I employ to portray my emotions I felt while reading the books.
I love Switched by Amanda Hocking, but seriously couldn't get into this one. The always slightly cringe-worthy insta-love was there, and while I generally could get through those, this one seemed so . . . obsessive. And not just limited to our infatuated protagonist. The waitress was tripping over her feet to service the mysterious hot boy. The best friend practically wanted to hump his leg. No. Just no.

So, a who-knows-how-old vampire suddenly gets the hots for a human boy who just so happens to have a girlfriend. Does she care? No. She turns the boy and he ends up living with her in her ginormous mansion, and the girlfriend is basically forgotten. Can I say how terribly selfish that is? And the next part in the story, she finds a new guy. She. Freaking. Finds. A. New. Guy. Like, what? *Sighs and shakes head*

Okay, so apparently this is a hilarious first of a series. With a whole ton of four and five star reviews on Goodreads. So why not? Then came the "the f*ck" moments. The protagonist plucks out her eyelashes as a rebellion. Which makes her eyes puff up. And her thoughts were so scattered I basically sat there reading, but the words didn't really go through my head, y'know?

4) Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon
If I read this at any other time, I'd probably be able to finish it. But if I remember correctly, I had a huge workload at the time and since the book jumped EVERYWHERE, I couldn't wrap my head around it and just left it. I might go back and read it sometime though.

5) Bewitching by Alex Flinn
While I didn't find Beastly mind-blowing, it didn't suck so I got this one. Besides, the cover looks great. This one, like Infinity, I probably could've finished if my workload wasn't terribly huge, but still, waiting for the action to begin took a toll on my patience and I just couldn't stand it. Hence my not finishing it.

Is there a book you couldn't finish? Post you answer(s) in the comments, or the link to your Ghost of Books Half-Read if you're participating in Haunted Week.

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