Sunday, October 28, 2012

Haunted Week: It Came From the Web

{This Girl Reads}

Haunted Week 2012 is an event hosted by Cheyenne at This Girl Reads spanning the week of Halloween with daily punny posts from yours truly, moi. Links to all of my posts can be found on this post: Introduction: Haunted Week 2012.

{This Girl Reads}

I love my blog. Of course, I'm a bit (big understatement) biased. But I also have other blogs I love, including but not limited to Book Nerd, Xpresso Reads, as well as Esther's Ever After. As for today, I'll be presenting to you a few new book blogs I stumbled across and love.

1) The Authoress
Amelia at The Authoress is not only the fantastic graphic designer of my header, button, and signature, but also a fantastic reviewer. She writes concise, perfectly laid-out reviews, and isn't afraid to say what she genuinely doesn't like about books and has the deets to back up her point. She also created a weekly event called Saturday Spotlight where she interviews some other book bloggers and the such.

2) Making the Grade
The three minds behind Making the Grade are Jenna, Holli, and Jennifer, all of which write detailed, easy to understand, and just pure amazing-to-read reviews.

3) Sparkles and Lightning
Annabelle at Sparkles and Lightning is another blogger who I totally respect for the way she writes her reviews. They're laid out properly, and touch upon all the main elements of a book. She can easily say why she didn't particular part of a book without glossing it over.

4) Bookish
Evie at Bookish is yet another blogger who I have recently discovered and come to love. Yay for a reviewer who writes totally long but definitely not boring reviews!

5) Katie's Book Blog
The brain behind this blog is . . . [drumroll] . . . Katie! I love her blog because she actually manages to have daily posts, so everyday whenever I check my email inbox, I can always get info on whatever's new in her bookish life or a review or something. Someone you should definitely check out!

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