Sunday, October 14, 2012

Introduction: Haunted Week 2012

{This Girl Reads} 

It's almost Halloween!

So what do I have planned?

Haunted Week 2012!
You might wonder, "What on earth is Grace doing, springing us this thing that we know nothing about. Explain, please?"

Well, the very epically awesome Cheyenne at This Girl Reads is hosting Haunted Week 2012, which is a week full of absolutely punny blog posts for you to read. It won't be boring, I swear.

Are you excited?

I hope so.

Well, anyways, the point of this post is just to announce my participation in the event, and how much I'm looking forward to it!

This actually doesn't even describe my excitement.

Nor does this.

And before I get super addicted to gifs and freak you all out with my usage of them, I'll just stop now.
October 31 - Beware of Book Review

Are you participating in Haunted Week? Shoot your link below!

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