Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Lust For Stories's New Look

Well, it's not a total makeover, but it's still a new look. I mean, just look at it.

[Insert a very uncharacteristic squeal from Grace.]

Can you feel how unbelievably excited/happy/freaked-out/ecstatic I am right now?

For those that have been around with me for a while, you probably know how I once had a super generic Blogger layout, and when I started messing around with it into this lovely purple you now see. But it could still be achieved by just about anyone who knows how to use the Blogger template. So, a while back I was messing around on my fave blogs, and one of them had just got a beautiful header, button, and signature set from an awesome designer.

Enter Amelia. *Cheers* Amelia's not only a book blogger at The Authoress, but also the designer who created everything you find on her design site, The Graphic Files. They're all beautiful pieces of original work that I immediately fell in love with. (Really, who can blame me? They're all truly breath-taking.) I then sent in a graphic request for a header, button, and signature. She replied extremely promptly to my request and immediately added me to her queue.

Now, I have all three of the pretties. *Strokes laptop screen while smiling fondly at the designs.*

Just look at it. I love the bird, which I'll assume is a raven. (Can I express how much I love Edgar Allen Poe?) This actually isn't the first design, but I just asked for the Big Ben, my current architectural obsession, on the side, as well as the open book with the pocket watch on top. In no time at all, this arrived in my inbox, and I have to say, I would've kissed the computer screen if I weren't at the library at that time. It looks very simplistic and plain beautiful, though not even the word "beautiful" truly describe it.

In conclusion, working with Amelia, however briefly, was an absolute pleasure. She was quick, friendly, and truly doesn't mind fussiness. Would you believe that all of this was free, so I didn't have to worry about my practically non-existent budget? Though I originally didn't really know 100% what my header would look like, I didn't worry at all since she was basically a genius with graphic design. The end result turned out much better than I'd imagined in my head, and if I ever want to do something again in future similar to this, I'd go straight to Amelia. So if you ever find yourself in need of new graphics, she's your girl.

And just as shameless promotion of LFS, you can now grab the beautiful button and display it on your blog. c:

Last word to Amelia: You are a miracle-worker.

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