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On My Mind (2): An irrational fear of the supernatural. With David Tennant.

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Paranormal Creatures - why I'm slightly freaked out by every one of them

Vampires, werewolves, faeries . . . You've got to have heard about it at least once in your life. Paranormal creatures have taken the publishing world by storm and is loved by much of the teenage population, but not confined to that age range. Frankly, I get how they'd appeal to readers (including me), but no matter what they'd always somehow unnerve me.

But just a note: Below are my honest opinions on supernatural creatures. So please don't hunt me down and have me murdered. I don't believe I'd enjoy it very much. I myself still read books in the supernatural genre, but this is simply stating how paranormals make me feel like . . .


Is it weird how I notice that David Tennant's way of saying "What?" can clearly show you that accent?

Ever since the debut of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer, vampires have been popping up around the publishing world and making teenage girls fall head over heels over them. According to Twilight, vampires sparkle in the sunlight, can survive on animal blood (even though most of them choose not to abstain themselves), and are naturally beautiful for some reason.
Firstly, sparkle? Is this even real? Count Dracula would be ashamed; vampires burning up in the sunlight sounds so much more badass. Seriously. Ask a guy to put body glitter on him so he can act as clan-mate to the Cullens, and he'd be like, "HECK NO." *sigh* Case closed. Animal blood seems much more better than human blood, but then again not all vampires drink animal blood. Even so, animals? Even though I think PETA does cross the line at times, that is terrifying.
Think about Bambi. And imagine him getting sucked dry.
Now that I've established that I'm not a Twilight fan (nothing against Stephenie Meyer; The Host is much, much better), and possibly made a few enemies of fans of the series, I shall move onto vampires in general. (Let's hope that Team Edward doesn't go after me with pitchforks.)
Stop and think about it. The identifying feature in a vampire is that they drink blood. That itself is already really gross. And they're dead. As in, not alive. Yet they're still often made a love interest to a protagonist in books. And biting someone is not sexy. *cringe*

Long story short: they are people who FREAKING CHANGE INTO ANIMALS. Who wouldn't be freaked out by that?

Tinkerbell's a fairy, adorable, cute, sweet. But according to legend they actually have these changelings, which are basically human children that they switch out with their own. *shiver* And they're the type of supernaturals that literally speak in riddles, so they can weave their traps for humans that ask them for favours. Scary.

See Werewolves above.

Note: You probably noticed I didn't include every single supernatural creature, but this is what I can come up with so far. Maybe more to come in a later post?

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