Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On My Mind (3): Re-reading (and its consequences) and bloggy backgrounds

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Re-reading, the good, the bad, and the ugly

Admit it. You re-read books. A lot. Like me.

Oh, you don't? How do you manage to resist the temptation?

Here, my friends, I have some of my thoughts on re-reading.

The Good
You relive those moments of full immersion in the book. You get lost in the energy, the passion, the emotion, the world. You love, and relish those moments when you truly become one with the character. Besides, you get to review the book once more, and maybe pick up some things that you missed the last time you read the book, making the world-building so much more vivid.

The Bad
Darn! You re-read so much of your old faves that you have barely any to read new books. Yes, it's fun, and entertaining to read books again and again, but what about discovering brand new authors, characters, and worlds?

The Ugly
Ugh! Why did you ever pick up this book to read? The first time you read this book, you loved the protagonist cute demeanor, but now she just sounds naive. And don't even get started on the guy. Last time, he sounded sarcastic in this super cute way, which somehow morphed into down-right rudeness. And because you re-read this book, you noticed so many flaws in the plot-line that needed much more editing.

And thus I bring my rant to an end. What are your thoughts on re-reading?

Blog backgrounds make a difference

Amelia, designer of my graphics, noted the difference the font can give off a different energy for a graphic in her Bookmarks & Bookshelves post.

As for me, I noticed the difference a background could make.

Those two images are the before and after pictures of my background changes.

The before image (top) draws the eye the the sides. While I loved its designs, my blog content was just too wide. And there was an empty middle as well, so I couldn't use the drop-down navigaiton bar that I use right now because I needed a solid on to cover up the awkward blank space. Besides, I really disliked the credits favicon in the top left corner. I don't have a problem with giving credit, but the yellow clashed a bit with the purple. And overlapped onto my header, another downside of having an extremely wide header.

The image on the bottom, as you can see, is my new blog background. The grey didn't make the blog look overly bold and didn't take attention away from the posts itself. Is it just me or my crazy self, or does it look slightly purple? Either way, it looks fantastic with the purple. It was completely solid through the entire length, so I didn't have to worry about the empty middle and can now use the drop-down navigation bar. The little tags that credit Totally Layouts are cute, tidy, and inconspicuous. They didn't clash with the colours, and didn't overlap my blog content.

Back to the main point: the style, aura, energy a blog has. I loved the previous background's feeling because it had that dark, wispy feeling I wanted without making it look too grunge. But my current background, while it doesn't achieve the feeling I wanted, it was much more practical. It gives off an airy, light energy and makes the focus the blog content.

What do you guys think of the differences? Any pros/cons you want to point out? Which did you like better? Shoot your answer below!

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