Friday, November 30, 2012

On My Mind (4): Help! I've ran out of imagination juice!

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Help! I've ran out of imagination juice!

I've run low on ideas. And inspiration. And motivation.

That is why the last actual post I wrote by myself was five days ago.

I am ashamed.

It's even difficult for me to write this.

Earlier I decided that this'd be a fantastic topic to do for my On My Mind as it's the current major predicament I'm going through.

Obviously, many bloggers have, and will experience this sometime during their blogging experience: burning out. I swore that this was not going to happen to me, but guess what? Life just called and told me that it's feeling neglected. My grade are dipping ever so slightly. My life outside of the internet? Nada.

Why does this happen?

In a nutshell, blogging is not the occupation, the life, and everything to most bloggers. Most don't get paid for it. It is a hobby for something they are extremely passionate about, and when life gets crowded over and they have to choose something to push out of their cart, it'd be blogging. As heartbreaking as that feels, it's either that or something more important, like their job, their family.

I'm not abandoning blogging at all. I'll just have less posts. No schedule like usual. Just less review posts and the such.

And thus I end today's On My Mind.

Do you think I suck for going on a half-hiatus? What are your thoughts on bloggers losing their want-to-blog feel?  

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