Friday, December 07, 2012

Angelfire Read-Along: Week 1

I'm so excited to participate in my first read-along! Even better? We're reading Angelfire. And it's hosted by two awesome bloggers: Momo at Books Over Boys and Nicole at The Reader's Antidote. This week, we read chapters 1 - 8 and were re-introduced to the amazing cast of characters, as well as Ellie's mysterious power . . .

This week's discussion question was:

How would you react if you got flashes of a life that wasn't your current one, but you knew you lived it?
Honestly, it'd be freaky. Seriously freaky. Freaky worthy of mental-hospital-commitment. It'd be a bit epic to see yourself in a badass fight and winning, but what about watching yourself die? That, my friend, would suck. A lot.

Conclusion? I'd be very bewildered and confused. And downright terrified if I had to watch myself get killed. But it'd be cool to do have some actual experiences embedded into yourself without actually experiencing them and just feeling absolutely epic.
Do you want to re-live the glory of Angelfire before the release of Silence in the Shadows? Or always wanted to read the series but never got to it? Sign up for the read-along at Books Over Boys!

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