Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back: 2012

This post will pretty much be a "Year in Review" post, speaking the details of what happened in this past year.

I write this in the last hours of 2012, so my Looking Forward post would be a tad late. Right now, it's precisely 7:45pm, and I still can't believe that 2012 is almost over!
How I'll always mess up on my dates for the first four months of the year.
It's strange how different each blogger's journey is. I only discovered the wonders of book blogging this year, shortly after I discovered the wonders of Goodreads in late December, 2011. Immediately, I got caught up in this entire realm of people who, like me, are passionate about books and love what they do. I learned so much more about the world of books, as well as the intricacy of how publicists, authors, editors, agents, bloggers, as well as readers work together. Though there are and will always be downtimes when harsher aspects of the industry comes to life, I think the world of all things bookish is absolutely wonderful, full of welcoming and encouraging people.

In mid-June, I jumped into the blogosphere, with almost absolutely no idea what I was doing. Honestly, I did it mostly on a whim, and *phew* a lot of planning could've sufficed! Bit by bit, I finally caught onto what I was doing somewhere around mid-summer.

I really don't like being the classic fangirl. I really don't. But when I meet an author, even virtually, do I deserve the right to squeal? Yes, I genuinely think I do.

In August, TeenRC, which is a community website created by my local libraries, had several virtual chats with an author. I managed to catch the one with Kelley Armstrong, and boy was I starstruck. Was it fun? Definitely. Do I want to do more of these chats later on? Absolutely.

Then the next few months was a bit less eventful than my already uneventful life, though I did learn a few things.
  1. Schedule posts in advance. Please. Your over-stressed mind will thank you.
  2. What the heck is NaNoWriMo? Oh. So you mean almost everyone you know on the internet will spend the month trying to write a book? Whoa. Cool.
  3. Take breaks when needed. Stop worrying about blogging. This is supposed to be fun!
  4. No matter what, interaction with other bloggers is always good. Do it. You'll be fine, I swear.
I actually didn't know about NaNoWriMo until it was a bit late for me to prepare, but heck, maybe I'll join it next year if my studies don't step in and tell me no.

And a bit on this year's reading stats and such.

2012 Reading Challenge

2012 Reading Challenge
Grace has completed her goal of reading 185 books in 2012!
To be honest, I kept on having to up my goal. I started with a nice easy goal of 100, but soon it became apparent that I'd finish that quick, so I bumped it up to 125, then 150, and so on until I stopped touching it in December. I'm surprised, and also quite proud of myself for hitting 191 books this year!
120 posts, plus this one, isn't bad for somewhere just over six months. Can I do better next year? Yes. Will I work towards it? Definitely.
Now that I look at it, September's nine posts and November's eleven is weirding me out. As a stereotypical Canadian'd say, cool, 'eh?

It's around 8:30 now, and looking back, I'm proud. I'm happy. I'm glad.

2013, bring it on.
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