Thursday, February 28, 2013

Review: Legacy of the Clockwork Key by Kristin Bailey

Title: Legacy of the Clockwork Key
Author: Kristin Bailey
Series: The Secret Order #1
Release Date: March 5, 2013
Publisher: Simon Pulse
ISBN13: 9781442440289
Format: eBook, 416 pages
Genre: YA, steampunk, fantasy
Source: blog tour
A teen girl unravels the mysteries of a secret society and their most dangerous invention in this adventure-swept romance set in Victorian London.

When a fire consumes Meg’s home, killing her parents and destroying both her fortune and her future, all she has left is the tarnished pocket watch she rescued from the ashes. But this is no ordinary timepiece. The clock turns out to be a mechanical key—a key that only Meg can use—that unlocks a series of deadly secrets and intricate clues that Meg is compelled to follow.

Meg has uncovered evidence of an elite secret society and a dangerous invention that some will stop at nothing to protect—and that Meg alone can destroy. Together with the handsome stable hand she barely knows but hopes she can trust, Meg is swept into a hidden world of deception, betrayal, and revenge. The clockwork key has unlocked her destiny in this captivating start to a trilogy.
Legacy of the Clockwork Key, overall, was a very likable book. I didn't expect to enjoy it so much due to the cheesiness of its title and my immunity to the allure of cheese, but I loved its balance of Victorian England, adventure, and chemistry between the characters.

The setting created by Kristin Bailey was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. It takes place obviously in the Victorian era, something that is made clear from the narration. It's just really wonderful how the characters and Meg's inner dialogue can sound perfectly like Englishmen from the Victorian age, and do it convincingly so without an over usage of Victorian language make me feel like "What?"

Another thing I truly admire was Kristin Bailey's idea. It pulled all sorts of elements together, such as the state of mind of the baron that she works for, her mysterious key, and a blossoming romance.

However, I was a little disappointed in something. Meg. She was a bit of a flat character, and I couldn't get a very good read on her personality. Often, I didn't know if she had a motivation to do something at all, since the story jumps at a chance to fulfill it without giving us an idea of why she's doing that, other than what's given straight to us in the book. (Example: Grandfather knows a man called Simon Pickett, so she must go searching for him. I mean, really? That's it?) As well, I didn't really like how she treated the stable hand and love interest, Will. Whenever Meg had a fancy for something, what does she do? Run and grab Will and ask him a favour. Even if he refuses, she still pushes him for it. *sigh* The Center of the Universe is not you, Meg . . .

In the end, Legacy of the Clockwork Key was a very enjoyable book with a couple of minor flaws. I genuinely did love the way Bailey puts the story together, as well as the narration. Fans of The Girl in the Steel Corset will love Legacy of the Clockwork Key.

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