Saturday, February 09, 2013

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For the week of February 3 ~ February 9

I don't usually put a ton of personal life into blog posts, but I've got something I'm super passionate about to share with all my readers. So here it goes . . .

I'm so very tired . . . Yesterday, I was at the Envision Jazz Festival.

This is how my day basically looked like: (It's long, but bear with me and how ecstatic I am about this thing.)
6:00AM Get up. You've got a festival to go to.
6:45AM At school. Meet with friends in the band room. Get a quick rundown of things to remember from our band director.
7:00AM Get on bus, go to Bell Centre (where we perform).
8:00AM Watch the Grade 9 Combo perform.
9:40AM Watch the Grade 10 Combo perform. (They're amazing.)
11:10AM Listen to the Grade 8 Jazz Band. (I sometimes joke that they're more like a mini concert band, but there're some seriously amazing future musicians in there.)
12:00PM Meet up in the storage room with the rest of Jazz Band 9 to prepare and go to rehearsal before our performance.
12:50PM Go up on stage to perform our three pieces, Mixing It Up, Sambita, and Cantaloupe Island.
Around 1:15PM Get off stage and go upstairs for a clinic with an adjudicator, Jodi Proznick, bass player extraordinaire.
Around 2:15PM Finally get to eat lunch. And in the process, discover that Jazz Band 9 is currently leading on the leaderboard, and just might make it onto showcase in the evening.
2:25PM Watch the Grade 10 Jazz Band blow us out of the water. (Seriously, they were in a teensy little band room, with more people crammed in. It was standing room only.)
3:00PM Grade 9s check the leaderboard furiously to check if we got bumped off or not by the Grade 10s. For an entire hour. (We were.)
Up to 5:00PM Continue listening to some other great bands perform.
6:30PM Gather to wait for the evening performances, featuring a professional group called Jump as well as some very talented high school groups and ensembles, which went all the way to almost 11:00.

Hence, it's a little understandable how I'm still recuperating and got this post up a bit late.

A quick recap of this week's posts . . . (BTW, I love your comments and feedback!)

I didn't get a ton of books this week, but I'm counting it as a blessing. (I love books, but sometimes it could overwhelm me a bit . . .)


Shattered Dreams by Ellie James
Shattered Dreams by Ellie James (From ARCycling)

How did your week go? What did you get? Tell me in the comments or link me up!
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