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Review: Deep Into the Soul by J.L. Vallance

Title: Deep Into the Soul
Author: J.L. Vallance
Series: The Guild Series #1
Release Date: October 3, 2012
Format: eCopy, 227 pages
Genre: adult, romance, urban fantasy, paranormal
Source: blog tour
At age sixteen, Vivienne Drake’s life completely changed in one devastating moment with the murder of her mother. Now at age thirty, she continues to struggle with the aftermath of that day and the nightmares that began to haunt her following it- nightmares where she is forced to watch the torture and murder of a new victim, all while she endures their pain and terror; prisoner to her own subconscious.

Her life becomes more complicated after meeting the mysterious Calum McCort and learning of a world she’d never imagined existed; a world of Daemonium, Guardians, Lucifer, and The Guild. Not to mention Aedan, Lord of the Daemonium who’s on a mission to abduct her.

Now she’s running from demons she never knew she had, hiding from demons she never knew existed, and searching for the answers to her mother’s past to find the key to her future.
I was quite a bit surprised by Deep Into the Soul, but very pleasantly so. Reading the synopsis, I was expecting a YA read featuring a teenage protagonist, but I was waaaaaayyy off. Our protagonist is a thirty-year-old woman who is constantly tormented by nightmares, and discovers something in her world that she never expected: the supernatural.

First off, a quick warning. Deep Into the Soul is a very refreshing break from my typical YA reads, since it features an older protagonist and some elements that you wouldn't find in YA. On the other hand, it does have quite a bit of mature language and profanity. Personally, I don't mind the swearing, and even welcome it a little bit since it creates a contrast with my usual reads, but it probably wouldn't be very suitable for younger readers.

J.L. Vallance did an okay job with her characters, but I simply couldn't feel anything really strong for them. I could see what Vallance was going for them, but it simply lacked a connection. Without that spark, I didn't feel the tugging whenever Vivienne felt hopeful, despairing, terror, so it could have some improvement.

However, I really admire Vallance's ability to mesh her writing together. It was a very easy read, with little confusion even as Vallance brought in the supernatural. Though I felt like the plot didn't really go anywhere in the beginning, I was intrigued, and wanted to keep going.

Ultimately, while Deep Into the Soul would not make it into my list of favourite books, I liked reading it. There could be a bit of improvement in the character department, but Vallance won me over with her superb writing. I would definitely recommend it to older fans of paranormal stories.
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