About Me

What is Lust For Stories?

Lust For Stories is a book blog featuring me rambling on about my thoughts on book related things. It's technically not a review blog, as I am not a professional reviewer, but I do post my own reviews here. So basically if you want to just read my random thoughts, come here and check them out. It's not terrible, I swear.

Hi, everyone. I'm Grace Lo, just a typical teenage chick who spends far too much time reading and not nearly enough studying.

I'm a Canadian high school student who, like millions of people out there, am trying to make it into the big-time through authorism (probably not a real word, but works for me). If you have advice for me, or just want to pop in and say hi, you can find my contact info here.

My preferences in reading are quite broad, but if you have a review request, it'd be fantastic if you check out my Policies page before shooting a request to me.

I'm not a normal girl. I like reading murder mysteries better than romances. I'd take any of Rick Riordan's books over the Twilight Saga. (I get how they're appealing to some people, but no, not for me.) Often, during breakfast, you can find me reading the side of a milk carton or the ingredients listed on the cereal box. Awkwardly, I once got bored enough to start reading a dictionary; I got to letter D. That, my friend, is perseverance.

So back to the Canadian part. There's probably gonna be a lot of Canadian spelling in there, so just to clear things up, I'm not spelling-incompetent. And no, I do not ride polar bears to school. Cool kids ride the caribous. c;

Right now, I'm spending my spare time by trying to kick-start this blog that nobody knows. So far, it's been pretty good.

Thank you so much for wanting to leave a comment! I read every single one of them, and respond to most of them!

I'm honoured that anyone would want to nominate me for an award, but I just don't have time for that anymore. This blog is award and tag free.