Review Policy

I review most YA books, plus some Middle Grade and Adult books.
I accept self-published authors.

I do not review:
-books focused around religion
-non-fiction that is not a memoir
-manga, comics, fan-fiction etc.
-books with adult content (if you don't get it, here's a hint: bow-chicka-wow-wow, which shows my level of maturity and exactly why I shouldn't read them)
-short stories

Review requests
If you have a review request, or if you're not sure, shoot me an email found on my Contact Me page. I may or may not be able to accept a review, depending on items available at my local library. When I accept or decline a review request, I'll be sure to shoot you an email. It would be much appreciated if you are able to provide me a copy of the book you want me to review. Just make sure your read my entire review policy before shooting a request to me. I know people hate reading this stuff, but it's important. For all you know, I might have asked you to donate a kidney for every request you make.

Currently not accepting review requests

Book formats I accept:
-review copies 
-hardcover/paperback finished copies

Book formats I do not accept:

I can't accept eCopies. Of course, I'd love to do that, but every single time I get an eBook I always lose track of it and end up forgetting about it, only to dig it up months afterwards. Which means I probably have missed the date the review should've been out. I will, however, post eBook reviews at the time of my discretion, but most of my reviews will still be for print copies.


Alright, so I love series, but if I haven't read the first of a book and you want me to review one of its sequels, I might ask you to send me a copy of its predecessors if they're not available at my local library. That way I'd be able to give you an accurate review.

In my reviews, I will include information such as:

Release date - not necessarily of the first edition, but instead of the edition I read
Format - if the first time I read the book I had a hardcover copy, then I borrowed it again to write a review and got a paperback copy, I'd list paperback in my review
Genre(s) - I might list a few that probably doesn't fit or miss a few genres but I'll do my best to make it accurate
Synopsis - from either the jacket/cover flap or Goodreads
Cover of the book
Source - if I first borrowed to copy to read, then bought the book later on to write a review, I'd write the store name
Book trailer - if any
Link to Goodreads

I will do my best to keep my reviews free of spoilers, and post a warning if there are some spoilery details. My reviews are honest and not swayed by any factor. Of course, my reviews would not all be works of art, but I will try my hardest to put my complete thoughts into it. I'm not a professional at this. I pretty much just spill words out onto the computer screen.

My reviews will be cross-posted on sites such as Goodreads, and YA Books Central, as well as some other sites, although the actual review may vary a little from what I post on Blogger.

I am allowed to change anything in my posts without previous notice.

Not all of my reviews will be positive. With my ratings, I may not be completely accurate, as scoring a book would not be perfect; I may not like the characters but love the plot, and vice versa. Even if I do not enjoy the book, I will not bash the writer. Instead, I will explain why I didn't like the book. If you have a concern regarding something I wrote in my review, please do contact me through my email found on my Contact Me page.

I will review books as often as possible, as I do have personal commitments to attend to.

If I accept a review request, note that though it may take a while for the post to go up, but I will make sure that there's a review. But please note, the review may come a month or two down the road.


I do not receive any compensation for the reviews I write.

Guest Posts/Interviews/Blog Tours/Giveaways

I'd be super happy to host an author for a guest post, interview, blog tour, or giveaways. Just shoot me an email.

If I not familiar with your work, it would be much easier for me to host a guest post, interview, blog tour for you.

At the same time, I am welcome to hosting guest posts and the such for who make the bookish world go 'round (publicists, agents, fellow bloggers), so I can share a bit more about the world of writing. Again, send me an email for that.
Thank you so much for wanting to leave a comment! I read every single one of them, and respond to most of them!

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