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Hey, everyone!

I'm sure those of you that are bloggers know how difficult to maintain a blog, and if you're not, then let me tell you: IT IS NOT EASY.

Here, I'm not going to ask you for money. It'd be awesome. Gosh, I get excited over the tiniest things, like a bookmark from the library. But I know that I, as well as several other people, really don't want to donate our own hard earned cash.

So below's a list of things that would totally help me.

1) Read stuff on my blog
 You subscribed? Good for you; now here's a virtual ice cream bar for you. But if you read stuff in your email as opposed to on the actual webpage, then that doesn't count as a hit. Numbers are very important in the blogging world.

2) Subscribe/Follow 
You can subscribe through Linky, GFC, Networked Blogs, RSS, or email. I mentioned numbers earlier as an important part in blogging, I'll say it again. They are important. The more subscribers I have, the more likely I'd get a review copy, as buying books can get expensive over time. Following me on Twitter and liking my Facebook page won't be as heavily weighed, but if you do like it, thank you so much!

3) Comment 
Commentors = active readers. If I have active readers, the more likely a book will be bought because of a review or some other promotional thing. And that means publishers and authors are more likely to send me stuff to review.

4) Sign up for Swagbucks
Swagbucks is a cool website where you get these points that you can redeem for giftcards and other cool stuff.

If you sign up for Swagbucks through my referral link (if the link doesn't work, the url's below), I'd get 10% of the Swagbucks you earn, but don't worry, it doesn't effect your own income. If you receive 100 swagbucks, I'd get 10 swagbucks and you still get all 100 of your swagbucks. With swagbucks, I can get a $5 Amazon giftcard at 450 swagbucks, which I'd use to buy books. It'd also be able to help me host giveaways, which at the moment I cannot do, as I am a completely broke high school student.

5) Grab my button 
If you grab my button and leave it on your blog or somewhere, that means that those people that go to your blog may see my button and say, "Hey, that doesn't look too bad." and come by my blog, meaning I may get more of those ways my blog is supported listed above are done! Just grab the code in the textbox below.

My Support Lust For Stories page is modeled after that of
Support This Blog | The Housework Can Wait. They're genius.
Thank you so much for wanting to leave a comment! I read every single one of them, and respond to most of them!

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